Vidarbha Institute of Technology

Approved by AICTE,New Dehli, Govt of Maharashtra & Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University (E. N. 4193)


Secretary, KDM Education Society

We at VIT believe in cultivating and imparting value quality education to our budding young engineers. The educational programs offered
cover a wide spectrum of professional opportunities in various fields of Engineering and Technology. The institute boasts of a highly
academic and congenial atmosphere under the efficient leadership of the Director Dr. G.S. Natarajan and Principal Dr. M.8. Daigavane
who along with a highly qualified staff, prompt the students to learn and develop.
We provide the latest, state-of-art infrastructural facilities by way of smart classrooms, a library, laboratories, equipment and machinery,
computers, software, an internet center and a digital library, sports facilities and so on. The students are encouraged to take
advantage of all these facilities and carve out a career with the sky as the limit.
VII insists upon and enforces a high level of attendance and strict discipline which helps the students to become responsible citizens.
In keeping with the Vision and Mission of VIT, the journey has begun, with a caravan of future engineers and parenting with it after
accomplishing their goal, leaving their impression, talking their alma Mater to greater heights Management expects the students to
leave their footprints for posterity to remember them as one of the top alumni.

Dr. Pooja Maheshwari

Secretary, KDM Education Society



The Director’s Desk

We at the Vidarbha Institute of Technology have taken pains to provide the student community an opportunity to step into the competitive world squarely so that they do not find themselves at a great disadvantage , mainly owing to weak foundations and inadequate coaching in their formative years. Our teaching staff has been chosen from those who have already spent considerable years in the profession and hence could lend a very big hand in shaping the career of the students at VIT. Every bit of the teaching programme would be closely monitored regularly so that we are able to correct the students at the right time. In today’s scenario the student population continues to be deprived of quality education even where basic amenities are provided. Several of those passing out of the system are in no way equipped to stand should to shoulder and compete with their more privileged counterparts in National Institutions. We at VIT would strive to reverse this trend and situated close to a rural population would strive to provide the rural population also an opportunity to encourage their children to go in for higher education. If the country has to grow it must grow as a whole and not in parts. Your visit to VIT would remove all apprehensions in your mind and see for yourself what we have planned for a career based educational setup.

Dr. G. S. Natarajan
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Principal Desk

Dr. Sanjay S. Uttarwar obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Amravati University, Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from VRCE, RTMNU University, Nagpur, MBA in HR and Marketing from RTMNU University, Nagpur and Ph.D. from VNIT, Nagpur. He has 30 years of teaching experience in reputed private institutions. He is a member of professional societies like IEI, ISTE, CSI, etc. He has published several technical papers in national and international journals and conferences. He is a through researcher having patents to his credit.

He worked as a Principal in Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune and RTMNU Nagpur and also worked as a chairman, committee member in committees constituted by SPPU and RTMNU.

Dr. S. S. Uttarwar is a renowned academician of region and delivers expert lectures on various aspects of education and social development. He is invited by various educational institution, government and semi government organization, TV Channels of Nagpur and Pune region to deliver lectures of current burning topics. Personality development is his area of interest and had conducted workshops of personality development at various institutes.

Principal’s Message

VIT is one amongst the reputed technical Institute imparting finest quality education in Nagpur. The evolution of the Institute over the years has witnessed strong blend of state-of-the-art infrastructure and intricately intertwined human resource committed to provide professional education with thrust on creativity and innovation. Therefore, our main focus is on adapting the teaching-learning process that leads the research orientation to expand personal as well as national growth.

“A desire can change nothing….A decision can change something……But a determination can change everything……!!!!”

We encourage innovative ideas by faculty and students in overall development of the learners. Along with the academics the students also participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities through active cultural, sports, social groups. I wish you a very happy and academically highly rewarding students life in VIT and hope that you will be a source of pride for this prestigious institution.

Dr. Sanjay S. Uttarwar