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VIT students sign out of campus life…..

VIT students sign out of campus life…..

College is the best time of your life, no tension, no stress and no pressure. Usually, when you ask somebody in college why they are there, they’ll tell you it’s the best place they have to be.  The academic session is almost over and the final year students will soon leave their student’s life behind. To mark this day and to say goodbye, the final year engineering students of Vidarbha Institute of Technology (VIT) had celebrated Sign out day in the campus.

Although farewell parties definitely have a glamorous aura while the sign out days have become even more special with a lot of nostalgia and emotions. Friends are the siblings God never gave us. When one of the final year students sang “Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal” all got emotional, obviously, hugs and tears followed.

A student of the final year said “we had all the time to do anything and everything. Making friends, discussing stupid things and enjoying each bit of life, college life gave us memories that are tough to be left behind. VIT had always given me a strange feeling of happiness and feeling independent. A sense of liberty, maturity, responsibility and above all this, the best was the freedom to take independent decisions and not being kiddo anymore.

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