Vidarbha Institute of Technology

Approved by AICTE,New Dehli, Govt of Maharashtra & Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University (E. N. 4193) & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technical University

The Director’s Desk

The Director’s Desk

We at the Vidarbha Institute of Technology have taken pains to provide the student community an opportunity to step into the competitive world squarely so that they do not find themselves at a great disadvantage , mainly owing to weak foundations and inadequate coaching in their formative years. Our teaching staff has been chosen from those who have already spent considerable years in the profession and hence could lend a very big hand in shaping the career of the students at VIT. Every bit of the teaching programme would be closely monitored regularly so that we are able to correct the students at the right time. In today’s scenario the student population continues to be deprived of quality education even where basic amenities are provided. Several of those passing out of the system are in no way equipped to stand should to shoulder and compete with their more privileged counterparts in National Institutions. We at VIT would strive to reverse this trend and situated close to a rural population would strive to provide the rural population also an opportunity to encourage their children to go in for higher education. If the country has to grow it must grow as a whole and not in parts. Your visit to VIT would remove all apprehensions in your mind and see for yourself what we have planned for a career based educational setup.

Dr. G. S. Natarajan
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Ph.D. (Chemistry)

10 year of Academic Excellence